Monday, April 25, 2016

What is Method-1 (VGM)? What is Method-2 (VGM)?

Method-1 is where, upon the conclusion of packing and sealing a container, it is weigh using a calibrated and certified equipment (weigh the whole container & its content).

Method-2 is where an individual is weigh including the mass of pallets, dunnage and other packing and securing material to be packed in the container, and add the tare mass of the container to the sum of a single masses using a certified method by the Competent Authority.

In Malaysia, the Marine Department has identified that such certification and approval is governed under the Department of Standard Malaysia who regulates the Quality Management System. Shipper, who already has QMS certification such as ISO9001, in the scope of Method-2, will be deemed to have demonstrated their compliance. The list of certification body is available at

Generally, document procedures for Method-2 are:
1. The description or specification of the weighing method,
2. The details of equipment to be used,
3. The maintenance arrangement for weighing equipment,
4. The calibration procedure,
5. The procedure for dealing with weight discrepancies,
6. Record retention; and
7. Training of personnel.

Can shipper apply for Method-1 and Method-2?

Shipper can apply for both methods, providing that they comply with all the requirements. Shipper wishing to apply for both methods is advice to fill up two (2) application forms (one application form - one method).


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