Monday, April 25, 2016

What is Form-D?

Form-D or Borang D is the ‘Perakuan Penentuan Timbang dan Sukat, Akta Timbang dan Sukat 1972’. Under the new amendment on SOLAS Reg. VI/2, it is required that weighing the packed container should be done using calibrated and certified equipment. In Malaysia, Section 14 of Weights And Measures Act 1972 requires, every weight and measure and instrument for weighing or measuring for use for trade shall be verified and stamped by an inspector with a stamp of verification and a certificate of verification shall be issued by such inspector at the time of stamping every such weight or measure or instrument for weighing and measuring.

If shipper has its own weighing equipment or instrument i.e ‘weigh bridge’ or ‘weighing scale’, then they should obtain the Form-D from Metrology Corporation Malaysia Sdn. Bhd., and submit a copy of the Form-D during the application.

If shipper does not have any weighing equipment, shipper may use port terminal facilities (for more information on port operation/procedure/fee, kindly communicates with the Port Authority or the Port Terminal Operator). If shipper uses port terminal facilities to obtained VGM, then they are not required to submit the Form-D during the registration application. 


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