Monday, January 18, 2010

Grades of Malaysian Certificate of Competency

As I have mentioned early Certificate of Competency are divided into two (2) departments. The first one known as Deck Department and the other is Engine Department. This separation are mainly to cater the job-scope onboard which the deck officer are in charge overall on bridge and deck areas whereas the engineer has to do maintenance and monitoring main engine, auxiliary engine, boiler, generator, etc…

Here are the lists of CoC’s grade by ranking issued by the Marine Department Malaysia:


Plying Limit:

  1. Master of less than 500GT Domestic
  2. Mate of less than 500GT Domestic
  3. Mate of less than 500GT Domestic (Restricted)


Plying Limit:
  1. Chief Engineer Officer of 3000kW or more UL
  2. Second Engineer Officer of 3000kW or more UL
  3. Officer in charge of Engineering Watch of 750kW or more UL

Plying Limit:
  1. Chief Engineer Officer of 3000kW or more NC
  2. Second Engineer Officer of 3000kW or more NC
  3. Chief Engineer Officer of between 500kW and 3000kW NC
  4. Second Engineer Officer of between 500kW and 3000kW NC
  5. Officer in charge of Engineering Watch of 750kW or more NC

Plying Limit:

As you can see the grade of Certificate of Competency are divided by Capacity-Limitation-Plying Limit. Example; MASTER (capacity)-3000GT or more (limitation)-Unlimited Trade Voyage (Plying Limit), similar to that engine side are as follows; Chief Engineer Officer (capacity)-3000kW or more (limitation)-Unlimited Trade Voyage (Plying Limit).

Before you can get the Master or Chief Engineer ticket, you have to start from bottom and pass the Officer in charge of Navigation/Engineering Watch.


  1. Selamat Sejahtera,

    1). Adakah pelaut 1malaysia kita (seafarers) dilidunggi dengan PA insuran, insuran hayat, medical card atau insuran lain-lain jenis oleh jabatan pelaut malaysia?

    2). Jikalau ''ya'', insuran jenis apakah itu?

    3). Berapa ramaikah pelaut negara kita yang telah terdapat lindunggan insuran tersebut?

    4). Tolonglah kami, jika berlakunya berita buruk terhadap pelaut 1malaysia seperti kami ini, waris kami tidak akan derita.

  2. Assalamualaikum,

    Saya, sebagai pihak Pelaut 1Malaysia ingin memberithahu kepada Kementerian Pengangkutan 1Malaysia dan Jabatan Pelaut 1Malaysia bahawa..Apakah gunanya kami hanya ada 'Kad Seaman' sedangkan kami tidak diberi oleh Jabatan Pelaut 1Malaysia MEDICAL CARD seperti diluar negara. Kenapa sedemikian..?

    Disini, saya harap Perdana Menteri negara 1Malaysia ini, akan bertimbang rasa terhadap kami tentang perkara tersebut sebab kami juga ada keluarga tersayang yang menunggu ketibaan kami.

    Terima Kasih

  3. Salam Pelaut,

    Setahu saya, insuran tidak diberi kepada pelaut oleh Jabatan Laut. Kebanyakan pelaut yang bekerja diatas kapal dilindungi oleh P&I Group/Clubs dari segi kemalangan membabitkan pekerjaan, kematian, perubatan serta kargo, alam sekitar dan sebagainya.

    Terdapat juga syarikat perkapal yang membeli insuran secara berkumpulan atau individu bagi melindungi pelaut-pelautnya.

    Walaubagaimanapun, pelaut-pelaut Malaysia boleh membawa isu ini kepada kesatuan untuk mendapatkan hak perlindungan.

    Menurut kes-kes lepas, Jabatan Laut ada menyediakan bantuan kewangan kepada pelaut seperti memberi pinjaman, khairat kematian, bantuan bulanan dan biasiswa.

  4. To whom it may concern,

    Good day!

    I have not studied in any Marine Engineering School or any Academy.

    but i have STCW 95 and certified seaman discharge book and certificates.

    i am currently working in a Marine Engineering Company as an Engineer. I am knowledgeable in Main Engine, Auxiliary Boilers and etc.

    In order for me to sail, do i have to sit for this Coc? Please advise as i'm desperate to sail and i'm afraid that time will run out and i will not have the chance to sail and my knowledge will not be put in good use.

    Best Regards,

    1. Dear Unknown,
      You can sail with minimum requirements that is;
      having: BST Certificate, Seaman Book, Seaman Card and of course a medical certificate.
      But with the above documents, you can only sail as support level or ratings and not as an engineer. Engineer must have COC.

    2. Admin : How if he already have diploma @ degree in mechanical. Since regulation to apply for oral examination compulsory 3~6 month sea time at least as cadet @ rating. Am I right or require other course to attend before apply for ORAL EXAMINATION. Kindly advise. Highly appreciate your prompt response.

    3. Having Diploma or Degree in Mechanical does not fulfill the requirement of having COC. You have to attend COC+COP STCW courses + seatime to eligible you for oral examination.

  5. Good day,

    My name is Paul Ameh.I am from Nigeria in west Africa.
    please I want to know the requirement that will make a foreigner eligible to sit for second engineer(unlimited) certificate of competency in Malaysia?.
    I own officer of engineering watch(unlimited) certificate of competency with over twenty months sea term as third Engineer.

    Best Regards.
    P. Ameh

    1. Dear Paul,
      For you to be eligible, you need to attend the 2nd Engineer course in any Malaysian Approved Maritime Training Institution.
      But, Nigeria have not sign MOU with Malaysia.

      Wonder if your WKE-UL COC recognize by Malaysia under STCW Reg 1/10.

      Anyway please email to about your perusal.

  6. Dear Sir,

    How to apply
    for a OOW at malaysia???

    1. If you are looking for Malaysian COC.
      First enroll yourself in any Malaysian Approved Training Institution.
      So far, mostly ALAM (Akedemi Laut Malaysia) received oversea student for COC course in Malaysia.
      Do contact them for details.

  7. Good Day,
    My name is Suraj from India, i an Oiler with engine room watch keeping cert. I want to know is there any option for ratings or experienced sea route to get apply for coc course. And also what are the requirements for eligibility and how to apply.
    Thanks & Regards
    Suraj VS.

  8. Dear Sir,
    I am Malaysian . Currently studying at Taiwan, Taiwan Ocean University ,Merchant Marine Department. I had finished my degree and all my examination at Taiwan,but somehow it doesn't work for us to hold a seaman book and COC at Taiwan. I did called Pejabat Laut for the information, but Taiwan was not in the list of the recognize COC.
    Pls kindly instruct me, what should I do if i would like to get on board. Does my certificates works in other countries by getting convert?

    Thanks & Best Regards

  9. Salam sejathera,
    Kalau kita ada COC Second class unlimited engine,dengar khabar boleh tukar jadi degree..Macam mana

  10. I have recently Honduras coc with as c/e sailing experience. Total 36 month as engineer. Can I apply for c/email Malaysia coc ultimate


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