Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Option for SPM, Diploma or Degree

Please Consider this Option.

‘Lepasan SPM’

If you are a ‘lepasan SPM’ and your result did not entitle you to enroll in ALAM, PUO or SMA (WKE or WKO program equivalent to Diploma). But somehow, you are a die-hard fan and down-to-earth to be a seafarer.

As I have mentioned earlier to be a seafarer is easy, you only have to register as a Local Seafarer and that is it.

First Mission accomplished, you are now a seafarer.

Second Mission, you need to have BST, BST attended, done - second mission accomplished.

The Third Mission, you need to be a CERTIFICATED SEAFARER. Below list of type of grade or certificate for your mission, remember this is only starting of your carrier we are not discussing about how to be a Master of Chief Engineer here.

1. Engineer Officer
2. Mate Domestic
3. Watch Keeping Officer Engine
4. Watch Keeping Officer Deck

Diploma & Degree graduates

First option
: If you are diploma or degree graduates, I mean not a Nautical (WKO-UL) or Marine Engineering (WKE-UL) program but decided to be one. First of all, contact MISC or any big shipping company. Ask them nicely to sponsor you!!! Tell them you are a good student with strong mentality and physically plus a good academic result. Consider to enter into agreement with them. Then you decide.

Second option
: Approach ALAM (which have the bridging course ‘WKO-UL & WKE-UL’ approved to them) and ask them if the course is available? Are there any sponsor? How much total cost if self-sponsor? How long? How about onboard training or ship-berth? Then you decide.

Third option
: Enter into any WKO or WKE UL course at ALAM, PUO, RANACO or SMA, complete the 3 year study, attend oral exam and passed, and apply COC.

Fourth option
: Apply for any post in oil and gas industry. Work environment is related to seafarer somehow or another.

Last Option
: Consider option for ‘Lepasan SPM’. If you are willing.

Electrical Engineer
This certificate will be a mandatory in 2017. Every ship must have electrical engineer or rating.

Option for ‘Lepasan SPM’
Option for Diploma & Degree graduates

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