Tuesday, August 16, 2011

How to be a seafarer ?

My fellow friends, in this blog I’ve received many comments and questions on 'how to be a seafarer?’ So if you are interested to find out please read below.

Note: Only for those who want to be registered as ‘Malaysian Seafarer’ or ‘Marine Department of Malaysia’.

How to be a seafarer?

How to apply a Malaysia Seafarer Card?
Where to go for medical examination?

How to be a seafarer?

Before I answer above question, let me explain the types of seafarer which categorized by the Marine Department of Malaysia. During your registration you will be asked to select which type of seafarer you want to be registered. But hold on, do you know which to select?

Local Seafarer
: A local seafarer means a Malaysian Citizen holding a valid identity card (Kad Pengenalan).

Foreign Seafarer
: A foreign seafarer means other than Malaysian Citizen having a valid passport or document.

Government Seafarer 
: Obviously, a government servant working for Malaysia Government.

Now, please prepare below documents or certificates for you to apply a Seafarer Card. Seafarer Card are issued to a person whom application have been approved by Marine Department of Malaysia. The process will only take 1 day the most.
1. Identity Card (I.C) or Passport,
2. Medical Certificate,
3. Letter of employment (for foreign seafarer only)

Application can be made online. Please visit marine department website : marine.gov.my

Marine Department require that you attend medical examination at the approved clinic. The address of clinics is available from the Seafarer Document System (SDPx) by Marine Department.

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