Monday, April 5, 2010

Crew Article Online

Malaysia Flag Ship can now do crew sign on/off through online. How wonderful is that?

But, in order to familiarize with the system it sure need practice and knowledge on how to operate the system in orderly manner so that we can eliminate the unforeseen circumstances that will definitely delay our operation.

what are the information that we need to know?

1. To buy the e-articleofagreement serial number and transaction PIN, we only need to know the ship official number (off. no.).

1.1 Click here to Buy PIN online

Remember, now, when you select the Port Office at this stage you have chosen this port office as your focal point for every approval online, regardless of where the vessel might be and where the crew to sign-on/off.

Remember, whenever you want to do sign-on/off, select the same port office you did for purchasing the PIN.

*if you don't what will happen? "DELAYED" keep this in mind, will you.

1.2 Click here to Activate Crew Agreement

Again, select the port office you did for purchasing the PIN. This is unique number that lock to the port office and ship official number. A system design for control and monitoring.

2. Remember ONE PORT OFFICE (1PO) as the concept of one Malaysia, this port office will be you focal point of approval for that particular ship-with-unique-off.-no, anytime, anywhere.

Here are some checklist for you to follow-up;

Ship Official Number :
Port Office PIN purchased :
Crew Agreement Serial No.:
Port Office Crew Agreement Activated:
Agreement Plying Limit (DOM/NC/UL):
Date of Crew Agreement Activated:
Date of Crew Agreement Expiry:
Remaining PIN:

After you have log-in crew agreement online, firstly fill up the requirement of ship crew agreement particulars. After that activate it. Remember to always check the PORT OFFICE before you click the activation button. Next, print-out the agreement information, there are 11 pages of them, you might want to save it as soft-copy or PDF format. Simply go to option, select PDF format and save.

Secondly, click Crew List
At this page, whatever reflected in here is actually as in the Safe Manning Document. so make sure that you make arrangement accordingly.

At this stage, if you are using Safe Manning Document with DOMESTIC plying limit, and you got some rank as Assistant Watchkeeping in that manning, make sure to engage Malaysian-WKR deck/engine to be on-board as a Assistant-Watchkeeping. Because the system have identified that other than Malaysian-WKR will not be able to sign-on. But rest assured, the system allow other than Malaysian-WKR to work as Assistant-Watchkeeping for Safe Manning Document plying for Near Coastal & Unlimited Voyage.

On that page, always look for the related symbol... for example, GREEN-MAN or BLUE-MAN
that colour will tell had you fulfill the manning minimum requirement. For you to Add Crew, i found that this system actually has been simplified to a 'friendly user' method. By inserting the seafarer's registered number or known as seaman card number, it will shows the qualification (capacities) of that seafarer. Then select relevant capacities that seafarer have to be positioned in the manning requirement, as easy as that.

Remember-during Sign-ON, make sure you select the RIGHT currency, either USD/MYR/SGD... and type in the RIGHT wages/salary. Because at this point is very crucial... once the Marine Department have approved it, it deem to be legal and fit and you cannot change it according to your convenience.

Remember-during Sign-OFF, to select the PORT OFFICE the crew are to sign-on/off, it might no be the same port office you enter through online. Balance salary must be fill-in because the seafarer must endorse that the master/company have pay-in full and there is no-outstanding wages.

Everytime you do sign-on/off a document must be printed for signing by the Master and seafarer. This agreement document normally will be inspected by Port State Control Officer or any relevant authority . Make sure to keep it on-board for inspection.


  1. This is great, but can i get a manual or something... reading text gives me headache....

    By the way, thanks for the explanation i can now understand why the delay happened

  2. Dear Sir,
    It looks that we are having problems filing it on line, despite trying few times, due to reasons perhaps as you highlighted. Kindly be more compassionate if this is the cause for the delay to close the NC. As you can see this is not deliberate but with much difficulties trying to familiarise with this new online system designed to facilitate transaction, but this is not the case now. Please give us time...We appreciate and thank you.
    Malaysia Boleh!

  3. Dear Anonymous,
    I agree with you, sometime a new system is hard to familiar with. But after sometime you might become expert in using it... 'more practice make perfect'. Wish you all the best.
    If you have more question, do drop it here... i will try to find the answer for you.


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