Friday, August 6, 2010


Definition of "Malaysian Ship" under subsection 54A(6) - "means a sea going ship registered as such under the Merchant Shipping Ordinance 1952 other than a ferry, barge, tug-boat, supply vessel, crew boat, lighter, dredger, fishing boat or other similar vessel".

To confirm the ship you are working with is Malaysian Registered Ship, free yourself to check from the Marine Department Online Services on the address below:

This is to ensure that your salary will not be deducted by your employer, moreover, it is advisable you forward your inquiry to the Malaysian Inland Revenue Board (MIRB),

also known as Lembaga Hasil Dalam Negeri (LHDN), just in case it happen, get a letter from MIRB/LHDN and stop this unnecessary deduction of wages.
2010 - Year of the Seafarer


  1. Hello,

    In regards of this article, i would like to know how a person is going to apply or submit documents for tax exemption? I'd been deducted monthly (PCB) by my employer. Do i still able to get back what is deducted?

    Please contact me at


  2. Dear Malcom,
    You need to see the LHDN, an get clarification of your deduction. Discuss with the officer incharge and make any arrangement that necessary. But, you need to see LHDN for this.

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  4. Dear Admin,

    I am an Indonesian Captain enagage in INternational voyage. I have a Malaysian Professional pass registered under my owner's company in Malaysia but the boat is registered under St. Vincent and the Grenadines flag and boat is registered under HOng Kong office. I am wondering why I am tax dedcuted since my boat is not a Malaysian ship as well. Kindly give me a feedback on this matter. Thank you


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